SPT16: 1994

In the late 80’s, Sulzer Brothers, the diesel engine builder in Switzerland, took on a submarine project, a 16-passenger deep diving passenger sub, designed by Jacques Piccard and originally destined for the … Read More

XPC15: 1994

PC15 was a diver lockout submersible launched in 1973 and owned by Vickers Oceanics, where it was known as L1. In 1994, Patrick, Charlie and myself were contracted by Hoffmann Yacht Sales … Read More

JFD LR5: 1997

LR5 and Submarine Rescue The loss of the USS Thresher in 1963 and Scorpion in 1968 lead to the formation of the Deep Submergence Unit in San Diego and DSRV’s (Deep Submergence … Read More

LG50 Looking Glass: 1999-2000

The first 55 passenger Hyco design was built in Inverkeithing Scotland in 1986 by Fluid Energy. The Looking Glass was intended to operate in St Thomas US Virgin Islands. The LG50 project … Read More