Mini Submarine Design

Using my extensive experience of engineering and submersible design I am able to provide exceptional submarine solutions that cater to a wide range of underwater needs. From luxurious personal vessels to cutting-edge military and rescue submarines, my personal submarine design merges innovation, safety and performance, to ensure an unparalleled underwater experience. Following my nuclear submarine building experience in the 70’s I have been involved with mini submarine design and construction since 1985.

Submarines: 1985-2000

The Marlin Submarines S101 and S102 were custom-built submarines, designed and engineered in the 1980s and 1990s. These vessels were used for various purposes, including training the Royal Swedish Navy and treasure hunting in the Philippines. The submarines’ designs focused on manoeuvrability, safety, and performance.

Marlin Submarines S101: 1986-87

The submarine has always been a fascination to me in that, like a spaceship, it takes everything it needs into an alien environment. They are an engineer’s delight in that they embody … Read More

Marlin Submarines S102: 1989-90

Following the Whiskey on the Rocks incident in 1981, the Swedish government became increasingly paranoid about being the primary Soviet breakout point from the Baltic and the Russians expended a great deal of effort … Read More

Marlin Submarines S103 “Lula”: 1997-8

Lula, Portuguese for Squid, was commissioned by FRN, an ocean science foundation based in the Azores. I was approached by FRN in 1996, a simple arrangement was agreed and work started in … Read More