Triton 4km/2 Abys Explorer

The diving depth of acrylic submersibles until recently was limited to around 1000m due to available thickness of acrylic plate. The Triton 3300/3 for example had a hull 165mm thick. Rhom in Germany have recently developed a multi layered technique to achieve greater thicknesses. The first hull made by Heinz Fritz using this material was 235mm thick for the Triton 7k3, a 3-passenger sub that will dive to 2286m. The new 4km2, will dive to 4000m and has a hull 440mm thick. It is no coincidence that the Titanic lies at 3800m. The order for the hull has been placed and when complete will weigh almost 6000kg.  

Since taking over as Triton’s Principal Engineer in 2023, my team and I have moved the original rendering from concept art towards a feasible engineering design but there are many challenges to overcome. Fortunately, Triton already have two worked examples to start with, the 36k2 with an unlimited depth capability and the 2286m 7k3. Launch is due in 2026 and I am looking forward to my ride to the bottom (and back).

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