Underwater Habitat Design & Construction

With the increase in interest in underwater living there has been a steady increase in the number of clients asking me to turn their dreams into a feasible engineering proposition. These underwater habitat designs are characterised by the extensive use of acrylic allowing the occupants to merge with their surroundings.

Underwater Habitats

A Life Aquatic

Jacques Cousteau, a renowned oceanographer and pioneer in marine exploration, envisioned a future where humans could coexist with the underwater world. He believed that the ocean offered untapped resources and opportunities for scientific research, as well as a chance to explore the mysteries of the deep. In the 1960s, Cousteau built Conshelf I, II, and III, a series of underwater habitats that aimed to showcase the feasibility of living beneath the waves. Now, Sea Fish Ltd continue his legacy, with underwater habitat design and construction that aims to make underwater living a reality.